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I'm using the 64-bit version of X-Plane 11 and no matter what I cannot get it to recognize my PFC C2 Professional. I've tried:

  • Adding the USBHidPlugin.xpl file to resources/plugins
  • Installing XPUIPC into resources/plugins
  • Adding the USBHidPlugin.dll file from FSUIPC into resources/plugins
But no matter what it doesn't recognize my PFC C2.
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Hi, I just got a used PFC C2 Pro myself and was not even able to find the USBHidPlugin - not available any more anywhere. Did you manage to run it on xp11? Would be more than happy if you could give me some feedback if there is a chance. Many thanks from Austria, Alfred

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It looks like we tried to fix known PFC bugs at the beginning of March. If you are still seeing issues, please send a bug report here with as much info as possible, including the steps you've tried & a full log.txt from starting X-Plane with the equipment plugged in, and quitting.