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I know this is a unusual question, but I purchased the x-plane 11 beta and now that the final release is out, the beta copy is now the final release?

I do not have to purchase anything else?

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I had the same question until I checked my X-PLANE program/ABOUT X-PLANE which was just recently updated (was it yesterday or the day before...At home I fly with my window shutters closed loosing all perspective of real life! ... sometimes). 'About X-Plane' says: X-Plane 11.00r(elease)1 (build 110025 64-bit) and no more beta!

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That was a Release Candidate.  I installed that also.  I received the email today stating that it was finaled.
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Indeed, when you buy X-plane11, it includes every final release. And if you tick the right box when running the updater, you will receive every beta version too.