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The ND shows tiny unusable dots with unreadable text. It seems like there is a scaling issue. I have tried all different screen resolutions and the ND appears the same. I am using the Mac version on a 13" retina screen.

I would love to be able to use the ND... Is there any way to improve?


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Hi, In my humble opinion, it must be very hard to run a flight simulator on a 13 inch screen, but the eyesight is probably the main factor here. Hard to judge without any screenshot of what you have. The most convenient solution to deal with that might be to plug a mouse with a scroll wheel. You can also predefine views (I think it is Ctrl+numpad to set the view and numpad to use it, but you should rather check your settings).
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Thanks for your response... It is a scaling issue with the content in the ND window. I also have a 27" Thunderbolt monitor and the ND is just as unreadable. Also, zooming the graphics only magnifies the whole panel and does not change the scaling of the text/items in the ND.  The only other zooming option I see is the distance range adjustment knob (which adjusting only changes the separation distance of the cluster of dots on the ND) My guess is it may have to do with the Mac Retina screen.

I have been running flight sims on 11" & 13" Macs for years without ND issues... it's easy : )

I will try to upload a pic after I complete a refresh/reinstall of my MBP...
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Here are two screenies... One showing standard panel zoom and the other showing a zoomed panel (can you easily reveal my location?)

Regular ZoomPanel Zoomed27" Thunderbolt screen

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Yes, you are right, I have the same problem, running Windows 8.1 on a Full HD monitor. GTX970.

This is how much I need to zoom on the ND (whole screenshot reduced from 1980x1080 to 600X337) :

And this is a non-rescaled portion of my screen :

So indeed, There is something to be fixed. Do we need to send a bug report?

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I think we should each file a bug report as we have different hardware. I also cannot believe that LR is not aware of this, but I am surprised that more folks haven't inquired about this...
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-sending a bug report : check ;)
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Just sent my report... Let's see where it goes... : )