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Good Day everyone!

I am just trying out the demo version of XP11 and I have to say it looks very impressive compared to my other sim.

I need some help however, I use TIR, I have it working in XP but my head POV is all over the place. By that I mean I find my head through the back of the seat, or down but the gauges etc. Is there a way to set the head POV as a default location/position ?

Thank you in advance for any help.

Cheers Rob

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Please for give me as I do not how to do a video clip via my PC, but I have used my Ipad to record what I am experiencing.  I have done one clip in the Cessna and one in the King Air, I have uploaded the clips to my drop box account for you to view.

I have also tried turning off my TIR in XP and setting my POV and then turning TIR back on and this hasn't made any difference.

Heres the links

Cheers Rob


King Air


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Haha, don't worry, the video is good enough.

The bad news is that I could not reproduce your problem. I did try TIR with X-plane 11 latest release (rc1 I think...) yesterday, and it worked very smoothly and very efficiently, with many different aircraft including C172 and Kin Air C90. I could place my head behind the seat, of course, if I did it on purpose.

It is always quite long and difficult to adjust the hat on the head for a good result and for a clean rotation in every direction, but once it is done, everything is fine.

One more thing : I previously said that you could probably move the POV with assigned keys in X-plane, but this appears to be wrong.

Have you tried to adjust the POV in TIR software? I haven't tried that yet.
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Thank you for taking the time to look into this. I'll have a play with TIR and see if I can work out a way to improve my POV, but thank you for your great support and assistance :)

Regards Rob
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For that, you have to recenter your POV with the shortcut defined inside Track IR software. You can press the key even while having X-plane running full screen.

You can also define keys to pause/start Track IR, or to swap between 2 different sensitivity settings.
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Thank you,

Yes I am resetting the POV within TIR, but my POV still ends up going behind the seat. There seems to be no way to stop my head going to far back, I've even recentered with my own head position as far back as I can get it, but if I reset again I'm back through the seat.
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Can you post a video of what is happening, with TIR software and X-plane window visible on the same screen? Is your POV drifting slowly backwards? Have you tried to move forward your POV with the relevant X-plane key assignments. Do not hesitate to reassign them, it might correct eventual conflicts.
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I will try and do a video clip tonight.


One thing I can say is I set the TIR up in the Cessna be it appears to be okay. Trying it in another aircraft like one of the twins, the head position was behind the seat and low down in the cockpit. You don't need to setup each aircraft individual each time you use them do you?

But I'll try and do a clip of it tonight!

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I haven't used TIR in a long time, last time was under X-plane 10. I will give it a try as soon as I can, but no, you do not need per aircraft settings. The most important thing is to have good settings from the TIR software. The " Planisphere" view is very convenient for that.
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I have done my best with the videos, as your see I'm no steven Spielberg :)