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Just like the heading says, Xplane 11: Client Crashes when "reporting field in sight" to ATC

Will there be a "hot fix", and is there a work around until that happens?
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This bug is already known :


But I do not know when it will be fixed.
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Has there been any idea when this will be fixed.  I didn't have this happen before, until I added an aircraft.  I pulled the aircraft out of the directory, but it is still occuring.
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This "known" bug is from beta, months and months old and still strikes! I have it in almost all finals after "calling field in sight"...

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This is a known bug. Do you have specific steps that will cause it to happen every time, that use only a default aircraft and scenery?
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Specific steps: ATC landing, if any reason for a go-around, and ATC is guiding me to a new approach. Every time. It's in the go-round pattern, but any time in the pattern.
The X-Plane software freezes, the screen goes grey, and a box invites me to add my email and a brief explanation. I do that. Then it sends the dump-file to Support.
Today I've done this at LFPO (lots of buildings) and EVRS (only tarmac).
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The crash seems to be limited to non-towered airports. I would expect a fix to be included in 11.10. The work around in the meantime is to not use ATC at airports without a tower, or go to a different airport.

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