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I was flying the default 737 and when i was about 30,000 ft in the sky i noticed a black smoke trail behind my plane. I also see this behind other planes in the sky too. I am just wondering if this is a known bug, and how to fix it?
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I filed a bug about that quite a while ago. It is the contrails, they are too dark. It has not been fixed. Maybe I was the only one that filed the bug.
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Unfortunately Austin Meyer, the maker of X-Plane does not understand that. He says that contrails are not white. Had a bizarre email exchange and as long as somebody in the dev team does not take over the job and tell him that he's wrong, contrails will, unfortunately, always be black in X-Plane.
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Austin sometimes does not realize people fly jets i assume since he is a avid small plane flyer.  Maybe take a picture and email him back say....   Austin.. please understand they are not always grey.  Sometimes technically yes... but in cirtin light they needs to look more white on XPlane to mimic real life.


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I took some real photos of jet contrails. What is Austin Meyers email address?
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I also see grey smoke, it needs to be white behind the aircraft.
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I have the same problem in X Plane 11, the contrails are way too dark !
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You are wasting your time, Austin does not understand the logic behind the colors of the contrails. I have screenshots of an incredible discussion with him and obviously he's missing a big point. 

I read somewhere that the developers are working on a new particle engine that will enhance everything related to clouds, smoke, fume,... Wait and see.

When I showed this amazing development for FSX on this portal, the answer was something like: '"small team, not a priority".

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ok...  wow..  That video is extremely impressive!!! Especially with the old FSX system.  I think it's more about prioritization of bugs / new features / enhancements and what will make $. Don't forget that X-Plane is a for profit company and they need to make money to pay everyone and stay in business, otherwise there would be no X-plane or dev would slow down tremendously if it was just Austin. We can see that VR is a big deal right now but from their Dev conferences I think changing the entire system to support the new Vulkan and Metal video frameworks is their top priority. Keep in mind that there are a few new flight sim companies bridging off the FSX sdk platform and gaining traction to compete for the sim market, so X-Plane needs to keep ahead of that curve with technology.