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When I load In game theres only the runway and all around water and when I watch other people play they have all ground and tower but I don't

Please help


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It seems you run a Demo version of X-Plane. If you are using a full version of X-Plane, you can try install a second (fresh) copy of X-Plane and check if there is a full scenery. You can do it from X-Plane Installer/Updater and clicking "Install A Second Copy of X-Plane" button. You can also add or remove scenery by selecting a button in an installer program on DVD 1 disc.
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Is there anyway to get the full scenery on the demo?
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I do not think so. You can order X-Plane on this page.

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Devi installare gli scenari della zona dove voli . Lancia xplane installer

Devi disporre di tutti gli 8 dvd ed inserirli quando viene richiesto