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When I fly the default Cessna 172 and set the heading bug then turn on the autopilot with the AP button and then press the HDG button, the Cessna flies towards the heading set in the bug as I would expect.

If I then press the HDG button again so that HDG is no longer displayed on the autopilot and change my heading, the autopilot turns me back towards the heading set on the bug.

Is it meant to do this and if so what is the point of being able to turn HDG off?

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I can not reproduce this on a clean install. Do you have any plugins installed that could be affecting the plane or autopilot behavior? I'd recommend removing all plugins and trying again. If it goes away, you can figure out which one caused it by adding them back in one at a time.
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I did a clean install, no plugins. Same problem
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I also noticed a 172 autopilot anomaly.. After flying awhile with Heading and Alt locked, as I approached the airport and disconnected the autopilot, the Alt lock was still engaged and the 172 was still trying to hold the locked altitude.... I am sure I had disengaged the AP

This was using a clean / fresh install with no addons