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I've installed the X-Plane 11 demo for testing in my simulator room. I've got three projectors connected to a GeForce GTX 1070 graphics card using one HDMI output and two DP output connected to DP->HDMI converters. My problem is that X-Plane 11 start up as fullscreen on the middle (main) projector and there is no way I can make it start in windowed mode. In Settings > Graphics > Monitor Configuration there is no option for "Windowed Simulator" on any of the three monitors displayed on the bottom of the screen.

So, why do I not have a "Windowed Simulator" option in X-Plane 11 Settings > Graphics > Monitor Configuration?

To complete this question I must mention that my X-Plane 10 (side-by-side) installation successfully runs in windowed mode using the same setup.

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The option for windowed mode is found under Settings > Graphics. In the box Monitor Configuration, click on the drop down menu next to "monitor usage" (where it says "Full screen simulator"). There will be 4 options in the list.
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Well... As I said in my question, that option is NOT there. I have the other three, but "Windowed Simulator" is missing.

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Check your monitor resolution size. 1280x720 is minimal and I believe the option for windowed mode is not available if you're at the minimum resolution.
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It's 1280x1024 on all three projectors. Also, I believe I had this option earlier on with one of the betas late last year. I will try to switch the outputs to re-order the monitors. I'll start trying the weird solutions now...