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Hi everybody.

I downloaded a T-6 Texan a Piper Archer, both recommended my X-Plane team itself.

Non of them work! I put them in "Aircraft", "Other Aircraft", and also tried a special folder. Non of that worked. Any ideas?



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Are you trying to get the plane to work in XP 10, or XP 11?   Where exactly (and which file) did you download?  And was this for XP10, or XP11?
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This image is an email I got from X-plane, and these are the planes I downloaded. And it's X-Plane 11.
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Here is the photo!

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From what I can tell without downloading both of them and installing them, BOTH planes are for XP10, and MAY not work in XP11.  Do you recall who sent you the E-mail?  You should contact them and ask why they recommended these 2 planes if they do not work in XP 11.