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It has been a while since I bought X-Plane 11. As soon as I got it I started flying on IVAO. As there are many aircraft to fly, they also released a glider tour. I wanted to participate with the ASK-21 glider, but I have a  problem with it. When I load a flight, I'm standing on the runway/grass field and the tow plane is simply not there. It's just the tow rope but nothing else. X-Plane tells me to release the brakes, but when I do so, nothing happens. It is unfortunately a bit of annoying to be honest, because I have a good opinion regarding XPlane.

I hope that this problem can be fixed. Thank you in advance!

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The tow plane is an AI plane and since X-Ivao disables the AI-planes, the aircraft won't show up. The only way to use gliders and online flying services both at a time is to get a motorised glider. You'll find some of them in the download section.
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thanks a lot for your answer. Now I can fly the glider. I didn't know that I had to disable X-IvAp... but by the way, how can you participate in a tour in IVAO (except motorgliders, which are forbidden in this tour), if X-IvAp doesn't let me fly the glider properly?
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I don't know Ivao that much, but there are plugins for FSX too, aren't there? Probably it isn't possible.
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Well, I just checked:

disable Xivap, load situation and when tow plane appears ENABLE Xivap again :)
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Click on the customize button on the aircraft icon in Flight Configuration. In the bottom right corner of the next screen is an Edit button that you can use to change the start type and select what plane tows the glider aloft. Make sure you have the tow plane start selected + a plane picked.
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The plugin was the cause (X-IvAp).