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I have a add-on helicopter (AW139 by X-Rotors) that does not include GPS capability.  It is a fantastic helicopter, but I NEED GPS.  Is there a plug-in GPS available that I can use with this helicopter?  Is there some way I can make a GPS work with this helicopter through Planemaker?  I really like this helicopter and it has FMS, but I would like to navigate to places OTHER than airports or VORS.  (i.e. places such as landmarks, buildings, geographical locations, and latitude / longitude coordinates.)  I need advice on how to proceed with getting this working.

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You can customize any plane that works in X-Plane with Plane Maker. Please check the license on the plane you have purchased to see if making your own adjustments is allowed or not. 

There is a small section in the Plane Maker manual about setting up the GPS. There are also two articles on the developer site that might help: Old vs. new style GPS & Source Selectors.

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Thank you for the answer!  The developer said that it is ok to modify his program but he did not provide any further help.

Now I read the document about setting up GPS and about 2d and 3d views, but I am still confused.  When I place gauges in there, they don't even appear.  I don't quite understand this because I have watched videos on how other people do it.  Still, when I open the helicopter in X-Plane, I follow the instructions but the gauges do not show in the sim.  Is there another resource (text or video) that I can be looking at to learn how to properly design this cockpit?  Especially the 3d cockpit, because that's where I fly from.  When you open it, it is basically a black background with the gauges / displays on the black background, but it seems that there is no rhyme or reason to the layout.  i.e. The 3d layout in plane maker does not look like the in-game 3d cockpit layout.  

Help .....please.....and thanks!

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Hi Chris, 

I have only poked around in Plane Maker enough to know if our manual is completely wrong or not. ;) I don't have any experience creating aircraft, but I found this thread on the independently run forum that might be helpful. I believe you can read it without being a member, but you will need to sign up to post any questions for help from the designers there.