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I downloaded External Moving Map 1.1 and as mentionned, switched the right most 20 check box, enabled udp 49000 UDP port on 127.0.01 or (localhost or explicit IP Address) and in both cases Xplane ends saying another instance where running or ipV6 where not installed.

which is wrong in either theese two assertions (one xplane onboard, and ipv6 running)

norton firewall deactivated or not, with specific enabling rules on tcp and udp enabling local traffic ...

what is wrong in my checklist ?

Thanx a lot


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In my case External Moving Map ask me to configure UDP 49003 port, I've opened that port for X-plane in my firewall, and set the port in X-Plane

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Ok, it works fine ...

Thank you

But the error msg (another instance of xplane, or no IPV6) is inaccurate.