Gladiator Joystick Buttons Intermittently Unresponsive

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asked Jun 10, 2017 by hbax450 (12 points)
On the ground, all is good. In the air, not so much.

For some reason, my flaps buttons and speed brakes toggle do nothing in the air, then as soon as I land, they catch up on the missed commands.  Very annoying trying to land a 747 without these.

I can confirm that the joystick settings do indicate that these buttons are set properly.

Any idea why this would occur?

1 Answer

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answered Jun 15, 2017 by jroberts (16,905 points)
My first guess would be the frame rate is low. Usually I see this problem with mouse clicks. If the frame rate is too low it takes a long time for X-Plane to register a change so it seems like it didn't happen, or is very delayed.

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