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Just installed XP11 and I'm really disappointed in the the fact I can no longer assign certain commands to the hat switches on my Saitek X55 stick. In XP10 I used hat 2 up command for AP engage/disconnect for example. I only have a choice now of hat switch up, hat switch down or move view up. Other functions I use are trim, custom commands for payware etc. This is no good for me, so I'll stick with XP10 for the time being.

Also really disappointed in the scaled down graphics settings. Example, can only select draw shadows on scenery, where xp10 there are several options. Same for objects, why cant we control traffic, trees, etc independently?

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The issue with hat switches limited to 4 assignments is a known issue and a fix should be coming in 11.02b1.
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Hurry the fix up please!
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Any news on this fix yet? I want to assign trim functions to one of my hat switch but currently unable to?