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I'm trying to fly with a friend as pilot-copilot, but I cannot. All we've achieved is to see what the master pc is doing. (I've tried to follow the Manual "Setting Up a Copilot Station" section).

So we can connect. If I'm copilot I can see what "Master" is doing but I can't modify a thing. No comm editing, or heading, or preset altitude. I can't modify a thing. (I would expect that the main controls roll, pitch, yaw aren't synced).

So, Is this a normal behavior?

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Unfortunately, the external visual networking setup required to run a copilot station does not allow the copilot or slaved machine to send data back to the master/pilot machine. This means that the copilot machine cannot actually affect the flight and is more of an inactive passenger role.
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Ok, Thank you very much. This part should be mentioned in the manual because I've spent many hours trying to make it work. Finally I kinda got the feeling things were as you explained and I gave up!

This copilot (real working one - not the passenger) is a must in my opinion! It's very funny to fly with a friend working together on the checklists and so on..

PS: Sorry about my bad English skills!! Is jroberts = Jennifer Roberts?

Thank you again,

Pablo Bressan

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