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Menu says: Turn on Flight director?? Where is the switch in the 172?

I find nowhere a flight director mode or on/off/auto for the 172. The A/P is lighted up, but Heading and altitude hold doe's not work.Also where can I set the altitude I want?

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Which version of X-Plane 10 are you using? Mobile or desktop?

Mobile autopilot works by tapping the top of the device screen, then tapping the "hdg" "pch" or "alt" buttons. Tap a second time to turn it off.

On desktop, the switch to control the autopilot is found on the far right side, labeled "flight dir." (Autopilot controls are boxed in red in image below.) It must be set to "auto" for the plane to fly itself. The altitude button will remember the last setting and get you there if the AP is turned on, or you can set it to your current altitude. 

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jroberts, thank you for your answering my question! Now I found it.
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I'm having difficulty with autopilot also.  I've found the autopilot controls as indicated in the red boxes.  I've turned the FD to auto and clicked ALT hold button.  However, how do you change do a desired altitude you want?
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answered Jan 20 by jroberts (3,855 points)

The autopilot in the default Cessna is pretty simple. It will only hold an altitude. So you'll need to get to the level you want then press the ALT button to have it maintain it. 

Heading is controlled by the heading bug on the directional gyro. See the image below: the red box highlights the DG & the yellow box shows the knob to turn to move the heading bug.

Thanks jroberts, looks like I found the answer to my question.