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this isnt a big thing but it is spoiling the enjoyment of the sim

could you please increase the grownd friction in xplane 11 in your next update.

aircraft should not roll when the throttles are at idle also when at any kind of speed like on the runway the aircraft may as well be on ice. i have tried loading up the plane but it dosen't work and is only a sticking plaster anyway.

it was fixed before but then we had another update and the ground friction became brocken again.

please fix

Thanks very much


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Hi Tim,

Are you actually talking about aircraft rolling at idle with breaks released, or about aircraft sliding on the ground, even when engines are shut down?

In the second case :

Have you tried to increase the number of flight models per frame? Maybe you could increase it up to 4 and see it it is getting better.

This article will give you further information :

Best regards,
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Hi Guillaume

Its aircraft rolling at idle with breaks released.

I found the plane maker exe and so increased the landing gear friction from 0.35 up to 0.55 that seems to help.

thanks for the help



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Ok, perfect. In my opinion, this behaviour can be very realistic, depending on the plane..
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Hello all, waiting for physics coding of friction in X-Plane i wrote a lua script which fixes a little bit this amazing curling effect

Daniel aka diaboloxpfr