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Im using Aspire V 15, Core i7 5500 with Nvidia GeForce  940M 4GB dedicated VRAM, 8GB DRR3.

installed xplane11 about 3 months ago.  However just recently, I noticed, there are dots appearing on horizon. sometimes at first there is none, but as i fly for about 3 mins, it will appear like a swarm of bees.dots on horizon like swarm of bees

Need help!


Until now i never installed or added any 3rd party addons, just the defaults.


Please see attached file for screen shot.

Edward Lupena

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Hi can you upload just a portion of your screen, so that there is no image reduction? Or a link to original screenshot would do too.
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How about this

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The picture is the same, but anyway, Laminar Research has recognised what you are showing in the meanwhile :)

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This is a known rendering issue and should be fixed in 11.02.
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I have the same issue. Switch off taxi and landing lights during the day and the dots will go. At night it does not matter as they can't be seen with the landing lights on so it's ok for now  

Another way to remove the dots is to alter settings on the graphics side to HDR ( in settings graphics / top left slider move it up as far as you can without reducing performance, this will also stop dots)
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Hi, when will 11.02 be available? I have tried almost all suggestions but still having the bees. I dont want to reinstall this again.
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The first beta of 11.02 should be available this week. If you do not usually use the betas, you will probably still want to wait until it's final which may still be a few weeks.
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I had the same problem.

My XP started in Beta with lots of updates. So I deleted the whole thing (all of X-Plane) and downloaded a fresh new copy.

That solved the dots, and some other issues I couldn't identify.