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Hello everybody,

Since I couldn't find a solution to this problem neither in the knowledge base nor here in the forum, I'm starting a new thread on this.

I am running X-Plane 11.00pb11 on a Microsoft Surface Book with 16GB of RAM, an i7-6600U CPU and both Intel 520 and NVidia Geforce graphics. Pretty often, there are annoying lines appearing in the sky, as in this screenshot for example (with a German UI):

Lines in the sky

Similar lines also appear when switching to external views of the aircraft. Sometimes the lines seem to have something to do with the ILS, as in the picture above, and at other times they seem to indicate air flow around the aircraft etc. Is there any way to get rid of these lines?

Another (minor) issue: The picture above shows an Approach to LSZR, which means that the plain with trees beneath the aircraft is supposed to actually be a lake. Is this a bug in the scenery, or is it something I can correct by myself?

Thanks for your great work on X-Plane 11!

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Concerning the lines, it seems like you have activated the option "show flight model". The lines look like force vectors on the propeller. (You should check the keys you have assigned and why it keeps appearing. Maybe you have a conflicting assignations...). You could try to hit this key : "/" several times...

Concerning the rectangles on the ILS, you should get rid of them if you hit ctrl+p several times (it might cycle between flight path, ILS, nothing and different combinations of these). But same thing, you should check your assigned keybord or joystick commands.

Concerning the missing lake, it is Constance lake and this bug is already known. It should be fixed in the next betas.

Happy flights!

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Hi Guillaume,

Thanks a lot for your reply. Indeed I had the "m" key assigned to both the map as well as the flight model visualization. Your hint pointed me in the right direction. Same for the ILS rectangles.

As for the Lake Constance which currently became Constance Forest, I'm happily awaiting the fix.

Thanks again and have a good weekend!