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I'm trying to land at runway 31L at JFK, I set the NAV to the ILS freq (111.35) for that runway and tap on APP and AP on the plane's console. I'm flying C172.  The plane does not take over?  What am I doing wrong?

I tried other runways and freq but none seem to work? (at least 12 more characters)
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Does ILS not work with the Cessna 172?

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Try this (I just tried it) also with C172.

On your Map, select "IFR low enroute".
Zoom in on JFK and find your runway 31L and its IFR zone.
Click on that runway's yellow triangle. You'll get a box for "KJFK 31L ILS-cat-I (IMOH)", click "Tune NAV1".
Also, on the Map, click in "Approach" and select your runway "KJFK 31L ILS-cat-1".

To see your ILS localizer beacon, hit CTRL-P (path) 3 times. The 3rd time will light up your approach box.
It's easy to see those boxes, and ride them down to the runway.

Finally on your autopilot, you hit "APR" and "AP" and it will fly for you. Cut your throttle to control your glide speed.
After all that, here's the catch -- -- 
On my X-Plane,
  -- the visual boxes always work, if the runway has ILS.
  -- the autopilot's ILS works on some runways, and not others.

Maybe one of us should submit a bug report. I have not done so.

XP view of JFK 31L:

Google Earth view of JFK 31L:Google Earth view of JFK 31L

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Thanks! I'll try this as soon as I get back in town.
Thank you for taking the time to write this out.
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Worked great!  I have to test whether bringing up the flight path (Ctrl-P 3 times) made it work or not.  Thanks again.
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I've been poking the buttons.

The path CTRL-P makes any ILS glideslope show or hide, it's just visual. It shows the approach you selected on the Map.

But I'm still not sure how consistent this all is. I guess your airport has to be configured for this, in the "Scenery" files -- and I don't know about those.
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Same here.  I've been testing the runways at KJFK and can only make 31L follow the localizer/glideslope.  The Ctrl-P is just the visual and is completely independent of the ILS. In fact, you still get the rectangles for your path in the sky without even tuning the radio, it seems. KEWR the same problems.

I wonder if you need the 'dongle' for the professional version to get this all to work?