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XPFR's Rafale C Bomber is fabulous. Its handling is incredible, and the cockpit is the best pilot's view.

But I can't make the autopilot work. I can see the settings, and the buttons, and they all do something.
Except they don't fly the airplane.

Is the autopilot really supposed to work? Or am I missing some other setting somewhere?
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I think the autopilot does not work in a lot of planes in x-planes.  I'm having trouble with the Cessna 172 and ILS approaches. Simply does not work.
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add lua script ap-cmp.lua from x-plane.org forum

it does work fine

as autopilot can follow nav1 nav2 and gps (fmc) you have to choose the one to follow

i used Rafale for missions in SOD World Tour 2017, and SOD AU 2017 too and it worked fine.



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Hi, you should contact XPFR for this.

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