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Hello! I had a weird experience yesterday on my default MD-80. All was fine for about an hour into the flight, then the autopilot switched off, the vertical speed selector was turning around on its own (going from 0 to 9999 to 0 to -9999). I was clicking all over the place to try and stop it, but it didn't help. The in-flight malfunctions are disabled, so this can't be the problem. I started a new flight on another plane and then again on the MD-80 to see if it resets; the vertical speed button wasn't moving anymore, but I can't switch on my autopilot at all. It clicks but immediately turns off again. I reloaded the plane, restarted X-plane and restarted the computer too. The problem is still there. Any flight I make on the MD-80 is the same - I cannot use the autopilot at all in any mode whatsoever. Is this a bug or am I missing something?

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