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My hardware does not handle shadows at all, so they are a huge frame killer. In P3D I can turn them off, so I get an 85% fps gain once they are off. I bought X-Plane 11 during the but couldn't use it until they added a no shadows option. They never did. Please help me because I've been wanting to use what everyone was calling "amazing". Again, I need help turning off all shadows (ext, int, scenery, etc...)

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The only shadow option is to turn them off and on for scenery. Otherwise, for help setting the rendering options for your machine, please check out the manual or this video tutorial

Keep in mind that we recommend shooting for about 25-30 fps for a good balance between performance and making the sim world look good.

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Buy XP10. No more useful graphic options in XP11.
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Hi! How can I turn off shadows on XP10?