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I just upgraded from X-Plane version 9.70 to 10.51 and set it up exactly the way I wanted it.  But when I tried to takeoff I was sliding all over the runway and couldn’t get my plane under control.  So I started checking around and eventually ended up at “System Failures”.  The first thing I did was click on “Reset All Systems”.  I then started going through all the tabs one-by-one to verify that it had indeed reset all systems.  The first problem I found was in Aircraft/Controls. I found that “Roll Control Left”, “Roll Control Right” and “Flap Actuator System” were all “inoperative” (see screenshots below).  I also found the same problem in Aircraft/landing gear “nose wheel actuator jam, right and left main gear actuator jam, Aircraft/De-Ice “ice detector”.  In all of these instances I clicked on “inoperative” and scrolled up to “always working” and clicked on it, but all of them stayed on “inoperative”.  I’m not sure what to try next and could sure use your help figuring this out. Thank you for your help.

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I did not see this issue with my install of X-Plane 10. Try unchecking "allow random failures" and also removing any add ons such as plugins--it could be overriding what default X-Plane is doing.