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I have downloaded the xplane 11 demo and installed it to my main hard drive, to C:\programfiles(x86) to be exact.

I can get as far as playing the game but I get lots of messages saying that particular files cannot be read or saved, including the joystick calibration.

The messages say to check that the files are not set as "read only", so I have changed that attribute in Windows for that directory (and it's loads of files!) but still the issue persists.

I am running Windows 10 64-bit, can supply further info as necessary.

Peter Allison
Royal Wootton Bassett, UK

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Hi Peter,

Unless you have a dedicated drive just for X-Plane the strongly recommended location for the installation is on the desktop.

Other than doing a complete removal of X-Plane from the programfiles(x86) directory, find the X-plane directory and then cut and paste to the desktop.

X-plane 11 like X-plane 10 is a complete standalone directory (package).  None of the files, like other software, packages imbeds itself into other parts of your file structures.  No hidden files to contend with.

Try it.  Hope this works.


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