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I sent a request when xplane 11 was in beta and no response.... I have the VB Tiny Box pedals... I actually got a memo about Org. store selling these identical pedals..

It only has one axis.. There are no brakes. I ignore all axis but one when I calibrate,  xplane 11 will not save it.

Any help appreciated,

Bob M.
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Could someone look at this and see if there is anything that would explain why I can not calibrate and save this rudder. VKB Tiny Box rudder pedals. It has only one axis and I have ignored all others.

Thank you!!

Bob M



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Hi Bob,

If the device only has one axis and you ignore that axis, it isn't going to calibrate. I would recommend calibrating the axis and then setting it the drop down for it to "none" if you don't want to use it.

Otherwise, it would be more helpful for troubleshooting if you could list every step you take when you are trying to set up these pedals, and attach a copy of the log.txt.
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Hi...Let me explain..I move the rudder pedals right and left..the top line turns blue but the option to go to next does not light up. As far as the other lines (maybe 8)..I click on ignore but still no option to go to next so nothing is "done" so it comes up as uncalibrated every time I launch x-plane. These pedals are in in the list of devices. They are called "Tiny Box" in the device name. They are the same pedals as you are selling in the org store. In the above link I previously posted.  So not sure what to do and they don't work in the simulator. Not sure where this log text is you mentioned. Anyway, Enjoy the Holidays.

Thank you,

Bob M.

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Hi Bob,

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The log.txt is a file created every time you start X-Plane and it's located in the main X-Plane folder.

If the option to continue calibration isn't coming up, there is probably an axis that hasn't been moved through its entire range of motion, or hasn't been ignored. Try scrolling in the window to see if there are more axes you need to ignore or move.