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No matter how I try to calibrate my CH rudder pedals they will not work within XP 11. The aircraft only spins in 360's on the runway. I get no right toe brake response during calibration. It seems like the brakes are on when the P-brake is off as the aircraft will not move no mater how much throttle and the aircraft never get enough speed to T/O.

I have no issues with these pedals inside of FSX and any version of P3d( I hope it is ok to mention them)

How do I check for duplicate assignments.

Thanks for your help.

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I can't speak to the right toe brake not responding, but I do know that I always have to use the checkbox (or little blue switch in the case if x-plane) to reverse the axis in each toe brake. Otherwise as I press a brake pedal the corresponding brake releases rather than engaging. With the 360 spins being an issue I would almost thing that one of them is reversed and one is not.

Take a close look at is and see if the slide indicators in joystick assignments ramp up or down as each pedal is checked. Hopefully that will shed some light on it.

For the record I have 3 sets of rudder pedals from Saitek (have not used the CH ones) and on one set of them it seems like either there was a parts shortage or whoever put them together was having an off day because only the left toe brake needs to be reversed for normal operation.

Good luck, and Happy flying

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I have purchased new Thrustmaster TFRP pedals.

I diconnected the pedals and was able to steer it down the runway with the yoke. The CH pedals may have been the reason for poor acceleration cause I get full acceleration in XP and P3d now.