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Dear Sirs,

I cannot install either x-plane demo or my new purchased version because authentication server cannot be reached, My question has been asked earlier but I cannot understand the answer. You advise there shortly to check some installer options. I don't see any options in the installer. When you start it you can only choose between demo or purchased version. I have good internet connection. Then the installer responds immediately with error message.

My computer is brand new windows 10 Asus with GeForce GTX1070. Also I have you mail with serial key. Also Installer is the latest you provide. Please check the attached log file

Thanks in advance

Juha Laitio

imageDownload file


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Have you quit the installer and tried at a later time to see if it was a temporary issue? I copied the URLs in the log into my internet browser and was able to view the page so it appears to be working now, for me at least.