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At startup X-plane 11 give a black screen for few seconds, then the desktop appear, then new black screen, then X-plane 11 stop working. Attached log.txt. Before this issue an Windows 10 update has been installed. I already tried to roll back to all available previous configurations, but this did not solve the issue. The same situation also occurs with the installer, then it is impossible for me to reinstall X-Plane 11. Thanks for your help.


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Hi, can your try if deleting your prefs files solves the problem? There seems to be several posts like yours recently, but nobody reported to have solved the problem.
Also, make sure your gpu driver is up to date.

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The log showed X-Plane crashed, so if the automatic crash reporter comes up, be sure to fill it out and send it in. Make sure everything (OS, drivers, etc) is up to date and try resetting your preferences as amelingu suggested.
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Thank you for your help. I solved rolling back to the configuration before the Windows update, with another method.