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Hi, When trying to increase settings higher than medium the game crashes trying to create a texture either less than or equal to 1, i have reinstalled to a blank copy and still no luck. any help would be great.

the log file is attached.

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The error in the log.txt usually only happens when the screen resolution is incredibly large or small. There are a couple things I would try based on your log.

  1. Move X-Plane out of the C: root folder. This location can cause inexplicable issues or problems when trying to update later on.
  2. Move or rename your preferences folder (found in the output folder) to see if restoring defaults helps. If not, you can simply move it back.
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Sorry for taking so long to try out these, I have been on holiday, unfortunately, neither made any difference. and when increasing the settings past medium it still crashes with the same error.

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If you have specific steps you try that always cause the problem, please submit a bug report here and list them out step by step.