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I have no idea what is causing it. I don't think It is ortho4xp because I deleted all my tiles. Please help. Thanks

-X Plane 11 version 0.1r2 64 bit Steam edition

-Windows 10

imageDownload file < My log.txt


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Hi, nobody can help you if you do not provide your X-plane version, operating system and log.txt.
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Thank you very much for telling me this. I have updated it.

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I had a look at your file, it's huge and there are many many mistakes among all plugins and extra sceneries you have. To make it easier, can you start your sim straight in the situation where you have this kind of display, close your sim and upload the log.txt resulting from that use.

Also, I suggest you start troubleshouting yourself thanks to the procedures or topics described here :

To sum it up :

-Make sure you have the latest Nvidia driver

-Make sure this is not caused by a third party plugin or a third party scenery, like W2XP

-Describe a procedure to reproduce your bug.

-It might help to delete your prefs files

-It might help to test this with the latest beta version of X-plane 11.02b1 (activate - at least temporarily - beta testing in Steam dialog box (right click on X-plane from the Steam window)). I'm not sure it is yet available on Steam though.

I have a clean copy of X-plane 11 and I will be able to see if I can reproduce that in a couple of days.

Note that it is very useful to learn how to take advantage of your log.txt file (pretty straightforward). If your log.txt file is a mess, your sim is very likely to crash unexpectedely and the more errors your get, the more difficult it is to solve or understand issue like this.
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Thanks. I will try everything you said, and I will follow that trouble shooting topic.

imageDownload fileHere is the Log txt after I just loaded in a airport a quit.

By the way I had the issue before I installed most of my plugins and before i installed W2XP.

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Here is a better screenshot of what it looks like at high altitude 

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Hi again,

So I just tried and couldn't reproduce this visual bug on a clean install of X-plane 11.02b1 with Windows 8.1 (GTX970 with up to date driver).

Here is my log.txt if it can help :

Checking your plugins first might be good.. like Real Weather Connector or X-camera, or Gizmo64. I do not know with what product it came.

If I were you, I think I would go for a brand new install of X-plane and add extra stuff one by one. Good luck with all that!


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And a proper test on X-plane 11.01r2, nothing wrong.

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Thanks a lot for the help. I guess I will just reinstall my X Plane.