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This is the answer I put up to my own question which was regarding X-Plane 11 update corrupt downloads. But wanted to put it up in a not-so-specific way sense I feel this may fix many different forms of issue with X-Plane 11 as it fixed both my update problems and in-game crashes:


So it appears to be a very well timed coincidence that I began having problems with X-Plane 11 immediately following it's update to 11.01. A long with my stated corrupt download issue I began having issues with X-Plane crashing.. error related to "PING-FILE tex-png". Turns out some of Windows 10 component files corrupted by unknown cause. Windows 10 itself showed no obvious signs of issue, nothing slowed down or otherwise malfunctioned. For others on Windows 10/8 and possibly 7 this is something I'd suggest checking if you're having issues and cannot find a cause within X-Plane itself. To check the component files, via administrative command prompt run: sfc /scannow  . SFC ( system file checker ) will scan the component store and fix mild issues it finds. If it finds extensive or sever corruption that it cannot repair it will report so after it runs. To fix said corrupted files you must use DISM ( Deployment Image Servicing and Management tool ) . Both SFC and DISM are included with Windows 10 and possibly other versions. It was a bit tricky to get DISM to fix the corruption so in case it may help others I'll give a brief overview. To have DISM inspect the component store and fix problems found, from administrative command prompt run: dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth . If you're lucky that's all you have to do, DISM will find and fix the issues. However if, like myself, your luck is not so good then at the end of DISM running through it's steps it will report it found corruption but cannot locate source files to use for repair. Source files will be on your drive if they were not removed via disk cleanup or by manual deletion if you updated to Windows 10 ( not via a fresh install from OEM or ISO ). DISM is also supposed to be able to pull needed source files from Windows Update, yet the super dependable and always functional Windows Update failed to produce said source files according to DISM. So, what needs to be done is to download the WIndows Media Creation tool and run it. Select the option to create media to install on another computer, then make sure the "use settings for this computer" option is checked on the next screen, then select the "Create ISO" option and begin. Some time later you will be left with a Windows.iso file. Right click on this file and select the "Mount" option. This will mount the ISO like a hard drive or flash drive etc, it will be viewable in explorer in the same fashion and have a drive letter assigned to it ( We'll use E: for an example ). Once mounted, return to an administrative command prompt and run: dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth /source:E:\sources\install.esd . DISM will run through its steps again and this time it will end by saying operation successful. After that I did a fresh reinstall and update of X-Plane and received no errors, and have been running it without crashes as well. Hope this comes in handy.

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