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X-Plane 11 seemed to work better when it was a in its Beta testing. Since the full product was released, I have been having occasional problems with loading X-Plane 11. I have reduced my graphic settings to minimum, even then it does not load and just hangs.  What is also odd in recent times is that when I go the Flight Configuration menu to pick an aircraft, the images of the aircrafts are all missing and replaced with question marks.  
 I am a novice with X-Plane, and am keen to get X-Plane working properly. Hence, any assistance will be gratefully received. Thank you.

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Have you checked this page for troubleshooting?


Can you confirm what is your GPU? It seems like X-plane is only using an Intel HD Graphics 4000, which is very weak for the sim. Here are more details about required and recommended hardware :


One good start could be to delete your prefs files in X-Plane 11\Output\preferences, see if it solves the problem.

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Hi Guillaume,

 Thank you for the insight and prompt assistance. I have been doing some checks myself. My Dell Inspiron all-in-one computer seems to have two video adaptors (see image). I am now reading up and tinkering around this to find a way to get X-Plane to run on the AMD Radeon HD7650A device. This is proving to be more challenging than flicking a switch. Sigh!!!

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