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I've recently bought the X-Plane 11 discs.. downloaded 8 of them onto computer (windows 10) and I've run the game. When I get onto the main screen I skipped the tutorial at the beginning but only showed a grey screen.. then got into main menu where I selected new flight, selected plane and airport and the game fails to load past 'finishing asynchronous loading.' 7/8ths of the way to the end, and can't load anything else or do anything else. Any help please as really unhappy with the complexity of the installation, I must be doing something wrong surely? Many thanks

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I have to exact same problem.....any answers yet???

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Does your computer meet the system requirements for X-Plane 11?

If you have an AMD GPU you will want to update to the 11.11 beta to fix crash issues.

The X-Plane 11 manual has step by step instructions for installing and updating. This might be a handy reference for you to keep nearby.

For any additional help, include a copy of the log.txt. 

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