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Dear Xplane users

I am a newbie. I am using the Cessna (172SP) and taking off from one of the airports on the Colorado scenery. Before take off, I check the map, click on the airport I want to reach and it gives me the frequency > 117.60 (Tune to Nav 1 or 2). I start hearing the morse code for the airport BUT my quadrant with the yellow which is supposed to  give me the heading to reach the airport doesn't move! it stays flat!! in videos I saw on the internet (doofer911 on youtube) as soon as frequency is entered and you hear the morse code the needle moves! but mine doesn't

anybody know why? thanks for your help

Reza from Paris France

ipad pro

xplane 10 for ipad

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Hi Reza,

There aren't any NDB icons on the Mobile app maps. So when you tap on a VOR (which are modeled), the option is to "tune Nav 1" or Nav 2. This changes the setting and deflection of the CDI, not the ADF (the instrument with a single yellow line). Perhaps the video you watched was based on the full desktop sim, which still models some NDBs. 

More information on the differences and the basics of instrument navigation is discussed in the desktop manual.