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Hello X-Plane Team,

I try to use the ADF but it seems that it doesn't work for me.

I've set the frequence (289) but the needle stay on 120 degrees (what ever I do)

imageDownload file


X-Plane 11.01 - CESNA 172 (default)

My position 47.68N / 7.35E (France - near LFGB)


Thank You for your assistance.

Kind Regards,





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Hi, as you can see in earth_nav.dat, the HERICOURT HR NDB has a range of 15 Nm. It is not so shocking to me, but if you think it is more than that in real life, you can always edit the file for your own use (with backup recommended). If you know the "exact" range, you can suggest a fix if you are logged in to the scenery gateway :

Best regards,

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Hi Guillaume,

Thank you for your hint, but even when I'm flying close to the NDB (less than 15 miles) it doesn't work.

I discovered that I've 2 "earth_nav.dat" files (the first one in "C:\Games\X-Plane 11\Resources\default data" and the second one in "C:\Games\X-Plane 11\Custom Scenery\Global Airports\Earth nav data".
In the second one there is no line with  HERICOURT HR NDB.

Why do I have 2 files, and should I delete or merge ?

Kind Regards,
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In global airports, the file only seems to contain updates. (I am not 100% sure though). I have no HERICOURT NDB there neither.

I tested it myself and it worked. Make sure you can see the NDB in the map view, pay attention to the type of map, not all show NDBs. Try if you can identify it, from the sound panel (on top of the GPS, click on ADF1). You should receive the Morse code of HR which is [.... ._.].

Please note that if you want to update a whole cycle with Navigraph for example, the files should be placed in X-Plane 11\Custom Data. I have done it (so I do not use exactly the same earth_nav.dat file), but that wouldn't explain why it works for me and not for you.

Well, not sure what to do next..

Reset all failures, delete prefs files, read the file X-Plane 11\Custom Data\readme.txt...check the following page :

All the best with that and let us know what you come up with.