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My long standing request is to allow X-Plane to support (2) simultaneous views from 1 video card to 2 monitors...

One view is the Outside View from the Cockpit (which could go to a large flat panel display (i.e. 65" monitor)


One view would be the 2-D or 3-D inside cockpit instruments view on the 2nd monitor (i.e., 24" or similar size)

WITHOUT the need to network 2 computers...

Can this capability please be added?...  Computers and View Cards today can easily support this with very high frame rates...

This would allow many of the user community (who have multi-monitor set-ups using Microsoft Flight Simulator in this windows fashion) to set-up X-plane in their existing home built simulators................

Thank you for your consideration.

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Look for the multi-window plugin on the .org repository. But I'm not sure it is perfectly compatible with XP11
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Hi Mike,

I am not associated with Laminar Research or XforcePC in the USA.  Just a flight simmer like yourself living "downunder".

Have a look at the following from Michael Brown who is recommended by Laminar Research as the PC supplier in the USA for anything X-Plane.  He is quite conversant with X_plane at

What he is actually showing or demonstrating is a package XForcePC is selling but what the principle is being demonstrated is what you most likely are seeking.  

On the proviso you are running windows, initially set the two screens up as two units and try the effect but I am of the opinion that he has stitched the two screens together as a single unit.  Try as an alternative.

Michael has a lot of other good informative videos as well which can be found at 

Hope this helps


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I think that it was stated before, it is a software limitation.