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For years I have been requesting that X-Plane support multiple video card outputs so that you can place the external view on a large monitor (i.e., 70" display) and then utilize several smaller displays for the cockpit instruments, moving maps, etc... (Just like Microsoft Flight Simulator has always been able to do)....  I don't want to purchase a 2nd computer to run the external visuals... Computers and Video Cards are EXTREMELY fast and powerful today and can easily support this type of configuration with high frame rates....


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Can someone from Laminar Research please let me know if this feature can be incorporated into X-Plane 11?

Thank you.

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No, I read this...

The request is specifically for (2) "views" being available on (1) Computer.

An External View (forward looking) for the outside visual AND simultaneously for example, a 2-D cockpit view on a separate display (but using the same video card and computer).  This would all be running from a "windowed" view.  So effectively (2) windows at the same time (one to place on a large 60" - 70" display for the forward external view and then below that you have your 24" cockpit instrument monitor).... You could then also have several other small monitors for your windowed GPS map, and other special instruments...

I just don't understand why for the basic 2-view configuration we have to Buy another computer and another copy of X-plane... When with today's computer power and video gpu power, this is more than enough to operate these two views...
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It's clearly stated that only one can be per sim running. I don't know  why, maybe because of OpenGL?