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I am doing the flight tutorials on X-plane 10 Mobile. Went great, until I came to the one about VOR-navigation.

I followed my CDI to Sisters Island where a explanation box first told me that the instrument will be more sensitive the closer I get to "the hub" and then another box comes up telling me to take something like heading 035 and fly that direction for like a minute. But when I do this I just get the message "Nice flying" and then I fail miserably with around 40 in points.

I have zero points until I reach the Sisters Island VOR, there it suddenly jumps up to 100 and counts down to 50 faster than I can turn my heading. Then it continues down to 35 until the message.

What am I doing wrong? I have checked skyvector and have tried to see what headings to take but I can not make any sense of it.

I have tried this on iOS and Android and none seems to be different.
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I’m getting this issue. Has a fix still not been put together? I Fly it perfectly to sister island get 100 points then it drops to 37 before I can even clear the next instruction to make a left turn. No chance of ever passing as flight time isn’t long enough. Very frustrating as I don’t know how to solve this and pass.

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Try turning a little bit before reaching Sister Island VOR, this may not get you 100 points when you reach it, but you can probably make it up with the HDG change. I did this one a long time ago, I don't remember how I did it. I have 70 percent on it.. iPad 4, iOS 9.2

If it doesn't work for you, and it keeps failing, just contact support at

[email protected]

or call them:

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Thank you for the reply. I will try again a couple of times. :-)
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No problem :D Please post the result here too once you have tried.
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I am also having the same problem.

Has anyone figured this out yet?
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Jrroberts said its gonna be fixed in another update, gotta wait for that.
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We are adjusting how the scoring works for this tutorial and it should be available in one of the next updates.
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Ok so after not playing the game on mobile after getting stuck on the vor-tutorial I picked it up again today, hoping it would be fixed in the 10 months that have passed.

It might have, I don't know cause I still can not get the points needed and I am very aware how to navigate with VOR. The discription on what to do is really sub par. I followed the orders presented to me and... nothing.

At one time did I pickup a VOR signal, but the arrow in the CDI did not change when passing over Sisters Island and when chasing the VOR "heading" it continously changes making me run in circles.

Am I really the only one that has not gotten this right? Please remove the VOR tutorial or make it possible to finish it. Maybe explain how to actually complete it correctly.

I am really frustrated and I would guess many do as I but never pick it up again making you guys loose money.
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Now I am ready to explode out of frustration. Would you please just make a video of how to complete the @&#$€£*%##%$ tutorial? It will cost you almost nothing and will help with the poor "tutorial"