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Has anyone tried the VOR Cross Country Challenge using the 777-200ER in app mobile purchase?

The first two VOR instructions work as expected, however, the final instruction "intercept at heading 255" doesn't?

The radial indicator that appears beside the four circles shoots off to the far left and no matter what direction is flown it never moves.  The same indicator works as expected on the two previous instructions.

Does anyone have any advice as to what I may be doing wrong or is this a bug?

Many thanks.
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When I do this challenge, the first instruction is to fly heading 330 at 10,000 feet. I do this for a while and then the game says I'm off course. Was that the first instruction for anyone else?
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Hi Charles - I've added an answer below. Hope that helps.

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Hi novice1,

I had a similar difficulty when flying this challenge. The instructions for setting up the landing came before I ever intercepted the final VOR while flying heading 255. I continued to fly heading 255 until the purple needle started to move and then lined up with it like usual. It took me to the airport, so it seems if you just trust your purple localizer needles you'll be ok, even if the text instructions are confusing.
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Thank you jroberts.

I followed your instructions and found the airport. However, that leads to another question. The radial 304 takes you to the airport at right angles to the runway over the sea, but if you choose free flight and select 26L FINAL the flight path is from the city to the right of the airport. There is an instruction to fly heading 259, but it's too late? Is this user error or have you experienced this?

Any guidance would be very welcome.
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The challenge approach is loosely based on this chart. I believe you can only follow the localizer to a certain point, and then there is the sharp left turn to heading 259. It definitely surprised me the first time, so I was much too high to land. I think it would take a few tries to get the hang of all of it.

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Thank you for your rapid response and suggestion which I have now followed. However, would I be correct in thinking that if you turn sharp left heading 259 and land at the airport in front of you (which I have just done), then you are turning left over Honolulu International and actually landing at Kalaeloa Airport?
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Your chart has helped me enormously.  Thank you. Like you, I'm too high - trying again :)

Many thanks.
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Hi Charles

You only follow heading 330 until you intercept the VOR. Once you pick up the VOR, the pink line, you need to keep a heading where the pink indicatior remains lined up with the pink heading line between the four circles.

I had to read the instructions several times before I understood them.

Hope that helps.