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Hi everyone!

A few times already, I have tried to start a multiplayer match on X-Plane 10 Mobile. However, it doesn't work, because the 'Join match' and 'Create match' buttons are faded. This is probably because the app doesn't detect my Game Center or something. It's really weird. I have checked/done these things already:

- Connected to WiFi network

- Logged in to Game Center

- Rebooted my iPad

- Waited a few minutes for it to log in, nothing happened.

That's all. I hope someone can help me. It did work once, and I could click the buttons, but that was a long time ago,me hen I just wanted to play Freeflight.

Thanks in advance,


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Hm, this is odd because I can't reproduce it. Can you go into your settings -> Game Center & log out? Then try starting X-Plane Mobile and seeing if the Game Center log in screen comes up. Enter your ID & password. Make sure it is the same ID you used to originally download the app.
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Well, it works now, after some more waiting. Thank you for trying to help! Now I've got another question for you. What are the best regions/times to create/join a match? I often find they are empty, or I have to wait minutes long to connect...
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Unfortunately we don't have data on that.
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Same to me it doesn't work
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It worked for me now. I just flew a bit on free flight and went back to main menu, it worked.
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really, that works? I'm going to do that it. Hope it works