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This is not about downloading the software.  This is about actually using the software as it is intended.


1.  Not using PilotEdge or any directly interactive service.

2.  Not using any real-world EFBs except perhaps's various maps and SkyVector for approach plates.

3.  Not downloading any extra scenery or plugins.  Assume the app is stable and complete as I need it to be on my machine.

So, any guess as to how much data XP 10.51 and XP 11 require or just plain use?  

We are moving from a Comcast-serviced area (150MB/sec+ DL speeds) to a rural area where the "biggest" supplier, a very poor-quality and notorious company, brags about offering 7 MB/S "broadband".  Ouch.  So we may invest in a mega-gigabyte 4G/LTE data plan.  (My teenage son games interactively a lot, too, and he will have to be rationed. Oh boy.)


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Very little... even if you're downloading real-time weather.