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I haven't seen updated release information where I've been expecting it at  Has the release notes location been changed?  Seems like Jen roberts is no longer authoring the page? Any info on this appreciated, thanks.

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Hi, here is the page you are looking for. I ws surprised too at first.

I think Jroberts is still around..


And there was that page too :
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Thanks. It seems the only way to stay on point with releases is to do a search of "release notes" in the Knowledge Base and bookmark the resulting page.  There should be one topic/webpage that is a continual, running record of release notes, making things easiest for the public.  I did sign up for the "Never miss an update" in the website footer, but I already do get emails from X-Plane, not sure this particular sign-up will provide the latest release note or even a link to such info.  Guess I'll find out.