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I purchased X-plane 11 on the 6/2/17. I only selected the UK & Europe scenery to install. It is now 17:34 on the 7th Feb, and it still has 8 hours to go?! The server starts downloading for around 5-10 minutes each time, then states 'unable to download, check you internet connection' internet is absolutely fine, no disconnections, nothing. The download re-starts after about 5 minutes, again for another 5(ish) minutes, then stops again with the same message?

What is wrong with your servers? this is rediculous. It would have been quicker to buy the boxed version and have it delivered - and before you ask, my interenet speed is fast!

I'm getting a bit fed up!

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We do not have a DVD set yet, so the only way to get X-Plane 11 at the moment is via digital download. We use a content delivery service that typically has decent coverage in the U.S. and Europe. I track where people are having problems to see if there are specific areas we can look at improving. What country are you in?
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We also recently migrated our servers so we have been experiencing some general slowness for the past week or so while the servers re-cache and catch up.
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I'm in the UK.
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ALso, you might want to put some sort of warning up on your website that people may end up having issues with downloading? I mean i've had to leave my computer one since monday and i still have 80 minutes to go....just a thought