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I'm trying to map the elevator trim up and down keys on my flight stick (Saitek X55) but the 'Notched Hat Switch' (Number 5) will not allow me to select these commands from the drop down menu's, only the ability to move up & down as a pan function.

I have watched videos online where others have the same flight stick but are able to map this 'Hat switch' as individual buttons, how do I achieve this as i'm currently unable to assign elevator trim?

I have moved over from FSX to X-plane 11, and have installed the latest drivers, software & X-plane plugin from Saitek; any advise to resolve this issue would be much appreciated.

Thanks, Dom

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Hi, If you can't find the trim functions neither in the list nor after selecting "custom" assignment, I suggest you delete (or move as a backup) your prefs files in X-plane 11\Output\Preferences and try again.

Please tell us if it solves the problem.

Best regards,

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Thanks for getting back to me Guillaume, I will try this when I get back home and let you know if it solves my problem!
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Hi Guillaume, this didn't work, when trying to assign my trim to those keys, it considers the whole button as 'Hat Switch 5' and when i hover over the on-screen representation of it and it shows the same, its says D on that group on the image though if that means anything?
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Hi Dom,

I see, I can't think about any other solution at the moment. Maybe you should file a bug report via the following link, with as many details and screenshots as possible, so that Laminar Research can take a closer look at it :
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