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Can anyone tell how I can get better scenery  if anyone has ideas that would be great just want to make ground look better

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Hi, this is the main website for any kind of addon, freeware and payware :


An easy way to find sceneries is also to look for "[ICAO code] X-plane" on Google.

If you don't know the ICAO code, type "[name of the airport]  ICAO" and you will easily find the 4 letter code.

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so where do i look on google or xplane.org??
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As I said, you can do both. Sometimes Google will be faster...
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well iam new to xplane and all so is it called gmaps or ? if you can please give a link for what you are talking about please
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I gave you the link already :


Now, as a second option which can be faster or can bring more results, let's say you want to find a scenery for New Delhi airport. On Google search engine, you can also type :

VIDP X-plane

Indeed, VIDP is the ICAO code of New Delhi International airport.

So if you want to know the ICAO code of, let's say, Glasgow, on Google, you can type :

Glascow OACI

This will show you EGPF in the first result, and it works 99% of the time.

It is long to explain but very fast and efficient to do.

Hope I am clear enough.

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