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Today for whatever reason, I noted the scenery topography for KAWO (Arlington, WA) had changed.  The airport is now elevated & sits on top of a hill (an area that's pretty much flat).  When I made a gps AP approach to 34 I was way off to the right like the graphics had shifted.  Bldgs look like they are falling off a cliff.  I reloaded the default scenery but still have the issue.  Prior to today everything was fine.  What can I do to correct this terrain problem?

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When did you get X-Plane 11? Did you update it recently and then see this change?

The entire world scenery was recut during the 11.00 beta run. If you have a digital download key, you can make sure you have the most up to date scenery by launching the installer and picking the Update Scenery Online option.

Note that X-Plane will not update your scenery during a version update (from 11.00 to 11.01 for example) and this option is not available to DVD users (DVDs have the current scenery on them already).
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I do have a digital download key.  I'm sorry, I should have said "reinstalled" via launching the installer.  I purchased X-Plane on 4/17/2017.  Before yesterday I did not run an update. The day before yesterday (4/26/17) the terrain for the scenery was fine.  I'm puzzled as to what happened to elevate the terrain so to where it's like a huge bulge exists now as if a volcano is trying to form below the airport (KAWO) property.  It is very weird.

I did install a add on called Reshade for X-Plane 11  http://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/36509-reshade-version-304-xp11/ which came highly recommended by Q8Pilot.  I am planning on uninstalling because of another matter in that X-Plane 11 hangs up when I quit the program.  This was noticed by other users but not by all.

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I uninstalled Reshade and the issue is still present.  Think I'm going to try a clean install of X-Plane 11 next.
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In general, it's very rarely necessary to need to reinstall the entire sim. One more thing to check: is "runways follow terrain contours" checked or not under Settings > general? Try the opposite and see if it helps. Check for custom scenery as well.

The nuclear option is to try resetting to default prefs: go to Output folder and move, rename, or delete the entire preferences folder.

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