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Hello everyone, please watch this short video that very clearly explains the problem:

As shown in the video, the starting of the Replay mode changes (by itself) the flaps setting to the next position. Nothing changes outside. Flaps remain in their position… but when you start a recording, this rapid movement occurs. Of course this ruins any attempt to create videos with this plane if you use the Replays as the source of your material.

JAR Design was consulted. They first said it is an X plane 11 problem. When I told them that this failure only happened with their A330 they said they might do some search. This leaves me with no solution and with the doubt of whether the problem is in X Plane 11 or in JAR’s A330.

I haven’t heard of anyone having this problem but I’m aware that a very low percentage of simmers make videos. And the majority of these few, record their takes at the moment without using the Replays.

I would appreciate any advice or ideas on the subject. Thanks.

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Hi, your video is very well done and explicit.

Unfortunately, your first move was the right one and it is JarDesign's task to fix this problem. Laminar research will not do anything about it as they have other concerns. All the best to you with this.
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Thank you very much for your clear and direct answer. I'm now more convinced that the problem comes from the JAR Design software. Unfortunately their answers, although very polite, reflected a very poor support. I guess I can do no more. Kind regards!
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As you say, maybe not poor but they are like every developer : it is a very hard work with many things to deal with at the same time. It's all about priority I think. I thought the A330 adaptation to x-plane 11 was still in progress. I can try to push your request through somebody else though. Let's see.
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I agree: hard work with many things to deal with. First things first: the plane flies… and flies really well. Maybe this “recording” stuff is not very important but it would be great if you can get something done about it.
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And one question, how did you add the text on the video? I find it really convenient.

I just talked about yout problem to a friend. Can you confirm it does this even when you move the flaps from the keyboard? It's probably a problem related to datarefs and the way JarDesign them.
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Almost any video editor has callouts like arrows, text etc that you can add in many ways. The one I use is Camtasia 8. Not too simple, not too complicate.

No matter what I do with the flaps from the keyboard (or joystick), as soon as I start a replay they jump to its next position. If in position 2 they go to 3… and when I stop the replay they go back to its initial setting.  Maybe an important point for your friend is that when in 0 position (after takeoff, during climb, cruise etc.) there is no problem at all and I can use the Replay mode with all its advantages to change views, angles etc. I also do the recordings without problem.