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I changed  from the wide screen to windows. Then I was unable to go to settings. I would like to use disk to reinstall the sim. Would I have to purchase the disk. I have the product key from the digital down load.

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Hi, moving your mouse to the top right corner of your X-plane window doesn't make the settings button appear?? This is very strange.

It's a shame to reinstall X-plane just for that. It's usually never required.

You should first delete your X-plane 11\Output\preferences folder and launch X-plane, see if it solves the problem.


But if you really want do reinstall X-plane, you just need to delete X-plane folder and download one more time the installer :

Then, follow the steps and enter your product key when requested.

The digital download and the DVD set are two independant products, so I doubt you can receive the DVDs unless you purchase them. But I'm not part of Laminar Research team so I might be wrong about that.
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The answer to your question about DVDs from a member of Laminar Research :
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More ideas for troubleshooting :